Tension, as measured on the shortened version of the POMS differed significantly (F = 20.57; p < 0.05) at international and national games. More tension occurred when an international game had to be played. Cortisol outcomes revealed that higher levels of cortisol were reached after national and international games were played (F = 6.77; p < 0.05). Highest cortisol levels were reached after the play-off games. The athletes showed variability in optimal anxiety (28.4% of the athletes had optimal anxiety levels that fell in the low anxiety category, 50.7% in the moderate category, and 20.9% in the high category), but did not perform better when they were in ZOF. Best performance occurred when they were below ZOF. The replacement of the coach reported feeling more tense when an international game was played than when a national game was played. The head coach, however, reported being more tense after the national game was played. Cortisol levels of the head coach decreased after the games had been played. For the replacement coach there wasn't enough saliva available for analysis.